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About Aditya Life Science

ADITYA Life Science is one of the leading manufacturers of Disposable drapes and kits. It was established in 1998 with the aim of, to Innovate, Design, and Develop the finest quality for common people. 

Since last 2 decades Aditya Life Science is manufacturing different range of disposable drapes serving the needs of common people. Most of the products are exported to different countries around the world. We are an ISO 9001:2008 as well as CE certified company.

We committed to bring innovative products in the area of Drapes and kits with the advanced quality & at affordable price for the Indian medical Industry. 



    Surgical drapes are designed to establish and maintain sterile field. It is very important to select a surgical drape that provides reliable performance.
To achieve the best surgical outcomes, look for surgical drapes with these qualities:
a)    Impervious to Strikethrough 
b)    Fluid Control Features
c)    Reliable Adhesion
d)    Superior Strength and Comfort  


2)    STERI WRAP: 
    Sterilization Wrap is supplied to the customer as bulk packages of single sheets, where in accordance with standard hospital practices, two sheets are then used to wrap a medical device or a collection of medical devices for sterilization. The sheets of sterilization wrap are square or rectangular fabric produced using a three layer SMS (spunbond - meltblown - spunbond) process.
    The wrap fabric is composed of polypropylene with addition of less than 2% by weight of phthalocyanine blue pigment, less than 1% by weight titanium dioxide pigment, and less than 0.009% by weight of potassium phosphate anti-static treatment. The wrap allows a sterilized package to be opened aseptically.


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