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Large amounts of fluids during urological procedures require drapes that can effectively control this fluid and maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers. Drapes that minimize the amount of preparation time before surgery are an advantage as often there is a quick turnaround time between procedures.

Penoscotal Drape 00401 e

Size : 160 x 140 cm, Aperture 16 cm
Adhesive Area 20 x 30 cm

Penile Drape 00402 e

Size : 160 x 140 cm, Aperture 8 cm
Adhesive Area 11 x 11 cm

PCNL Drape 00913 e

Size : 160 x 250 cm, Incise Area 20 x 25 cm
with Drainage Funnel, & Half Gown

Hole Drape

Size : 70 x 80 cm
Aperture 16 cm Dia